St. Francis School is a secular private school serving students from preschool 2s to 12th grade on two different campuses in Louisville and Goshen Kentucky.  As an independent progressive private school, St. Francis School’s teachers and faculty are dedicated to critical thinking and intellectual curiosity, where students learn how to think, not what to think.

What is Progressive Education?

The philosophy of St. Francis School is rooted in the Progressive education tradition. Fundamentally, we believe that each student is imbued with strengths and challenges and that each learner must be treated as an individual. Emphasizing active, experiential learning, problem-solving, self-expression, critical thinking, collaboration, and healthy discussion and debate in every classroom, St. Francis School is a private school that strives to prepare young people effectively for the challenges of higher education, civic involvement, and a successful life as an adult. As a community composed of people of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and life experiences, we ask of all our members that the tolerance, respect, and imagination required for responsible citizenship and global understanding be elements of daily practice. Throughout our program, students learn the ethical dimensions of issues, which helps them to use their talent and knowledge with wisdom, compassion, creativity, and integrity.


St. Francis School By The Numbers


I just wanted to send a note and tell you that we have been really pleased with the remote learning offered by St Francis.  We can tell the teachers have worked hard and adapted quickly, and we feel like what is being offered is truly teaching and not just self-directed learning.  We happen to also have children in a different school, and by comparison, the quality of what SFS is doing is much stronger.  We also appreciate the check-ins from teachers and Ms. Marks on our child’s overall well being in this crazy time.  I just wanted to let you know that we have been very happy with what you all have made of this unpleasant situation. I hope we are back in school in the fall, and we never have to do this again but I did want to let you know how much we appreciate all that you and the teachers have done.  Thanks!!

A big thanks to you and all your teachers for all the hard work.  Additionally, I wanted to let you know what a huge difference it makes for the kids to see their teachers and their friends via video conferencing. A morning that started with anxiety, frustration and confusion, quickly righted itself when Kim Rash showed up singing:)  It is incredibly grounding for the kids in a time of chaos. I have spoken with several parents and teachers from both public and private systems, none of which have a schedule of video conferencing. I wondered if it was really necessary. The emotional and psychological benefits I witnessed this morning were tremendous.  So, kudos to all of you for everything you have done and will continue to do in the coming weeks. We are so grateful.

Christy D

Just an FYI tomorrow Adeline turns three. She’s been talking about her ‘unicorn birthday party’ since Nov…
Hoping to make the day special, at home, with Just the five of us. My family is doing a surprise car bday parade so that’ll be fun. Y’all are doing great with online learning! Thanks for all you do!

I wanted to let you know how happy we have been with virtual learning. The schedule is predictable and easy to follow and I love the weekly assignment document. Everything has been so well thought out and we appreciate your hard work. Thanks for all you do!
Bridget M.

Thank you for the comprehensive email. I have to tell you how grateful I am to have SFS for my kids. The past 2 weeks went really smoothly. My kids look forward to online school and are actively engaged in doing homework and projects from class assignments. Kudos to you and the SFS faculty for being so prepared for this transition!

Erica L.

We know that this whole thing has been such a curveball for everyone, but you all are handling it especially well. Carter looks forward to your stories and classes every day, and we look forward to it because he does.

Kaya has loved the first 2 days! I’m impressed with how well they’re able to engage the kids even with remote learning! She is so motivated, for the first time, when I ask her what she did at school today, she has so much to say!
Christy G.
I know the teachers and administrators have had a doozy of a time-shifting everything to online learning. I just wanted to say thank you. Kennedy is having a great experience and looks forward to class every day. The teachers are doing a great job. I want to give a shout-out to Ms. Holmes and Ms. Mundt for having a lunch gathering to go over strategies to be successful and help the students organize what and when things are due. All of Kennedy’s teachers are going the extra mile to make sure Kennedy and her peers are given every opportunity to succeed. Just wanted you to know we appreciate you and the others for all the work you did to make online learning possible.
St Francis calls itself the School of Thought, and it truly lives up to that.
Belinda D., alum parent of a first-year student at Emory University, Atlanta.
Hello!  Thanks to you and each of the teachers for your hard work getting this school year started successfully.  I have seen my boys laughing in class and enjoying their class conversations.  This feels different & so much better than the spring.  You all are living the joyful learning right now.  Thanks for putting the students’ emotional needs first & trusting that the learning will follow.  Much respect & my sincere thanks.

Adrian is doing his Spanish class via video chat this morning! So grateful for the wonderful teachers at St. Francis School who are keeping the learning (and connection! So important!) going during this weird time.

Tara A.
Even during distance learning our teachers are taking the time to connect one on one with their students. Today, after Zippy’s class time was over, her teacher stayed on because she wanted to show him her favorite book about strong women. I kid you not, she showed him THE ENTIRE BOOK. It was so lovely to see how patient and kind he was with her as she showed him each page.
Faith M.

Have I mentioned how much I love our school? This crazy time is scary and uncertain, but these kids haven’t missed a beat. Check back with me when things are normal, but this is a day when I won’t complain about a single dollar of sacrifice for this experience.

Stephanie R.

My 1st and 5th grader had their first week at St Francis and are so happy. In contrast to their school last year, the online learning environment has meant so much more to my child than I had anticipated. The teachers have done a wonderful job connecting with both boys (so much so that my 5th grader constantly wants to email his teachers hourly) and I am so grateful for the energy they have put into every conversation. We can already see my 5th graders ‘love of learning’ being nurtured. What a fantastic 1st week for two nervous boys starting their new school online. We are so grateful.

One of her professors told her today that she needs to thank her high school teachers because she is so prepared and writes so well for a first-year student.  So, please tell them thank you.
Amy F., alum parent of a first-year student at Trinity College in Connecticut.

Please pass along a HUGE thank you to all the teachers, staff, and admin who are teaching and supporting students and families right now.  I know teaching and supporting right now takes a lot longer and looks different from anything we’ve done before, but you all appear to take it in stride and demonstrate the type of courage, resilience, creativity, calm, and strength that we hope our children are learning.


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Exploring a Name Change

Spurred by the strong recommendation of an independent consultant that specializes in the management of Independent Schools, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to explore the possibility of a name change. The Board formed a diverse, 30-member Task Force to gather information, listen to all our constituencies, and make a thoughtful, reasoned recommendation based on the input we receive. Our genuine desire is to hear from everyone who wants to weigh in on this decision, and we’ve laid out a process to do so.


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