The mission of the St. Francis Athletic Department is to provide an athletic program that encourages all students to participate in interscholastic sports, promotes the spirit of good sportsmanship with competitive athletic experiences, and emphasizes excellence in academics and athletics.

St. Francis adheres to a strict “no-cut” policy (although playing time at the Middle/High School levels is at the discretion of coaches). We believe that all students should have the opportunity to experience athletics, regardless of skill level or expertise. Our philosophy is focused on the overall student experience and teaches that there is a place for winning and losing but athletics and competition is about so much more. We pride ourselves on striving to compete at the highest levels, but not at the expense of fair play or exclusion of potential athletes. The overall goal of our interscholastic athletics program is to teach character, commitment, responsibility, humility and leadership.


Tony Butler

Athletic Director - Downtown Campus, Fitness

M.S. University of Louisville
B.S. University of Louisville

Shavar Cowherd

Athletic Director - Goshen Campus, P.E.

B.S. University of Louisville

Catherine Lafronza

Assistant Athletic Director, Fitness, P.E.

M.S. Western Kentucky University
B.S. West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Lower School Athletics

St. Francis Lower School students (K-4) have an opportunity to play at least one sport per season. We offer:

  • Soccer
  • Field hockey
  • Basketball
  • Track & field

Middle School Athletics

St. Francis Middle School students (5-8) continue learning their sports at a higher level. Students in grades 7-8 can also join some High School teams whose sports are not offered on the Middle School level (and particularly talented athletes may have the opportunity to not only play on the appropriate Middle School team but also to join High School teams, pending roster space). Interscholastic teams are formed for:

  • Field hockey
  • Boys’ soccer (girls are welcome to join)
  • Boys’ and girls’ basketball
  • Boys’ and girls’ track & field
  • Boys’ baseball (girls are welcome to join)

High School Athletics

In High School, students play at the highest level of competition in our state. They have the opportunity to compete at the district, regional, and state levels in the sports of:

  • Girls’ field hockey
  • Boys’ soccer (girls are welcome to join)
  • Boys’ and girls’ basketball
  • Boys’ and girls’ bowling
  • Boys’ and girls’ tennis
  • Boys’ baseball (girls are welcome to join)
  • Boys’ and girls’ track & field
  • Boys’ and girls’ golf
  • Girls’ volleyball
  • Boys’ and girls’ dance team