The Learning Center (TLC), a partnership with the Langsford Learning Acceleration Centers, provides support for students in a variety of areas: remediation in reading, writing, and math (Goshen); content tutoring in various subjects; homework help; and organizational skills development. The TLC at our Goshen Campus also offers the services of occupational and speech therapists, and at the High School ACT/SAT test prep and ESL tutoring. In addition, we strive to provide TLC scholarships for students who require services but are unable to afford them.

LiFT! [link to LiFT! article from WR]  Literacy for Thought! is a custom-built Lower School curriculum developed in partnership with Langsford Learning Acceleration Centers that marries the best practices of Progressive Education methodology and Scientifically-Based Reading Research. This innovative program, established in 2017, empowers all students to become independent, joyful readers and thinkers who realize their full potential. LiFT! is inclusive of all parts of literacy development: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing.